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Recording – Nilotpal Basu (CPIM) on Imperialism and Ukraine War

What is CPIM's assessment of the Ukraine war? What is its understanding of imperialism today? Together with Nilotpal Basu (member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of India - Marxist) we discussed the CPIM's position on the war, the role of the Modi government and the Indian bourgeoisie, and the strategy and tactics for the Indian working class.

Interview CPGB-ML

Im Anschluss an unseren Podcast mit Harpal Brar sprachen wir noch einmal mit der CPGB-ML u.a. über ihre Einschätzung des Krieges und der Entwicklung Großbritanniens. Following our podcast with Harpal Brar, we spoke again to the CPGB-ML about their assessment of the war and the development of Britain.

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