Solidarity with Samidoun and the Palestinian struggle for Liberation!

For some time now, the resistance in Palestine has taken the form of a new Intifada: For months now, the Israeli colonial and occupation regime has been confronted on a daily basis with guerrilla actions, which for the first time since the Second Intifada have also led to increased casualties on the side of the colonial settlers. At the same time, the various factions of the Palestinian resistance are coming together more and more and seem to be increasingly overcoming their other differences. This is reason for hope!

In Germany, this Palestinian drive toward a united popular resistance is embodied in particular by the Samidoun organization, which consists primarily of young Palestinians who were not born and raised in Germany. While older Palestinian exile organizations often still tend to adhere to the positions of their respective political currents of the past decades, Samidoun brings fresher impulses directly from Palestine or the Arab diaspora to the West. In this way, they also manage to activate young people in Germany, among other places.

This is probably the main reason why the group is a thorn in the side of the rulers in this land. And so Samidoun has long been the focus of state surveillance and repression as well as media agitation.

Most recently, a demonstration by the organization on April 8 in Berlin came under the spotlight of the ruling class media. It took place on the occasion of the recent terrorist actions of the Israeli occupation forces against the people in the Al-Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem. Video footage disseminated by the Zionist “Observatory” democ and picked up by all major German media reportedly showed shouts of “Death to the Jews!” at the demonstration. The State Security Service immediately began investigating.

In a statement, Samidoun has commented in detail on the allegations, distancing itself from any anti-Semitism and stating that the video appears to be a fake. They also make clear, “We will not be silenced or oppressed, and we will not stand by while our community is targeted and criminalized.” In addition, the organization calls for people to take to the streets on April 16, Palestinian Prisoners Day.

We can only support this confident response and strongly condemn the renewed smear and repression campaign against Samidoun! This is just another link in a long chain of criminalization of Palestinian resistance and Palestine solidarity in Germany. Our answer can only be solidarity!

Stop the anti-Palestinian propaganda!

Stop the repression against Palestinians and Palestine activists!

Long live the liberation struggle of the Palestinians – from the River to the Sea, from Jerusalem to Berlin!


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